Beacon climbing holds are available in a choice of 9 different colours, standardised across other major European climbing hold brands to give exact colour matches.

All our climbing holds are manufactured on a per order basis, meaning that there are never any limitations on stock availability or colour choice.

The colour swatches shown here are digital representations of actual colours and variations will exist between these and actual material colours.

Due to material differences, some colour variation will also exist between polyester (PE) and polyurethane (PU) climbing holds moulded using the same colour code.

(PE 1), (PU 79)

Traffic White (1)

Bright Yellow

Traffic Yellow (2)

Traffic Red

Traffic Red (5)

Sky Blue

Sky Blue (7)

Jet Black

Jet Black (10)

Fluoro Orange

Fluoro Orange (11)

Fluoro Green

Fluoro Green (12)

Fluoro Pink

Fluoro Pink (13)

SIignal Violet

Signal Violet (16)

Custom Climbing Hold Colours

Want a different colour for your climbing holds from the standard colours shown above? Additional popular climbing hold industry colours are available on request at no additional cost including Fluoro Yellow (14), Leaf Green (4), Pastel Orange (6), Silver Grey (9), Brown (75) and more.

If custom colours are required, please write your colour choice(s) in the Custom Colour cell(s) on the Order Sheet. Please note that custom colours may incur slightly longer production times and are available for our polyester (PE) moulded climbing holds only.