Not all climbing holds are equal. Beacon climbing holds are manufactured to commercial standards using the highest quality materials and incorporating the latest safety technologies.

We have now been producing climbing holds for over 25 years, and our products have been tried and tested on hundreds of indoor and outdoor commercial climbing facilities throughout the UK and Europe.

Our climbing holds are hard wearing and samples from batches are regularly tested to failure to ensure that our stringent manufacturing standards are consistently maintained.

Every climbing hold that we produce is individually inspected and stamped with a traceable quality control stamp on the base along with the date of manufacture.

Why choose Beacon Climbing Holds?

Coil System

All Beacon climbing holds (except the smallest sizes) are fitted with a safety coil manufactured into the hold. In the unlikely event that a climbing hold should break in use, the safety coil binds the broken pieces together and prevents large parts of the hold falling to the ground and injuring people below.

Fixing Point

Spinning climbing holds can cause unexpected falls on climbing walls. All Beacon climbing holds (except XS bolt-on) feature a secondary fixing point in addition to the main bolt hole. This smaller fixing point accepts a regular 5mm diameter wood screw and prevents the climbing hold from spinning in use.


Suitable for use in children’s play areas, Beacon climbing holds marked as Playground Friendly are easy for children to grip and importantly all feature a non-hooking design to prevent accidentally snagging clothing. Tried and tested on hundreds of playgrounds and children’s climbing walls throughout the UK.

Bolt Insert

All Beacon bolt-on climbing holds use a dual bolt washer that allows either M10 countersunk or cap head bolts to be used to mount the holds. This metal insert creates a more even stress distribution within the climbing hold – thus increasing the force required to break the hold through the bolt hole.


Most Beacon climbing holds are manufactured using polyester (PE) resin. This is the benchmark material for climbing holds supplied to the EU market. Our advanced CX200 compound offers great value with the best combination of surface texture feel, surface wear resistance and colour resilience.


Our larger climbing holds are moulded in Dannomond polyurethane (PU) with a lightweight hollow back design. Not only is PU significantly lighter than PE making route setting with large holds easier, it is also stronger and more durable making it less prone to chipping and breaking.